Surreal FineArt as limited edition in stock

09-03-2017 14:52

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Get a Surreal FineArt Photo in Limited Edition as 1 part of 3, stamped and signed
Receive it with shipping costs for FREE until end of march!

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Found Some Forgotten Art

18-02-2017 23:05

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While waiting for new films will return from lab, found some forgotten FineArts in between
Kinda like lost in Spain or Italy


NEW! Concerts: DEATHRITE & SIX FEET UNDER X-Mass in Hell Tour

18-12-2016 07:12

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Finest Concerts Photos are relaunched!

FINEART & Concerts


Concerts 2016: SIX FEET UNDER

26-11-2016 09:56

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Got photoshoot agreement for the great SIX FEET UNDER on their "X-Mass in Hell tour 2016"!
Date: 10.12.2016
Location: Alte Spinnerei Glauchau, Germany

Thanks to Falko from BRUCHSTEIN Tours & Concerts


Some new Kidz shoots taken over summer

17-11-2016 11:17

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Connewitz, Germany 2016


NEW! Concerts 2016: Battle of the Bays - EXODUS & OBITUARY

11-11-2016 11:55

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Finest Concert Photos are ready!

FINEART & Concerts


Concerts 2016: EXODUS & OBITUARY Battle of the bays tour 2016

20-10-2016 20:32

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Got photoshoot agreement for "Battle of the bays tour 2016" of legendary Bay Area Thrasher: EXODUS from San Francisco & one of the best Death Metal Bands: OBITUARY from Tampa/Florida!
Date: 10.11.2016
Location: Täubchenthal Leipzig, Germany

Thanks to Sabrina and Täubchenthal


NEW! Remembrance of summer FineArt 2016

16-10-2016 19:08

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Find some new FineArt in memory of endless summer

FineArt->Remembrance of summer


Fairy Tales

26-09-2016 17:32

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Autumn is coming and time is right for Fairy Tales

"Urban Rails - Reality Social Network"
Handmade on mystical emulsions

Keep 'em on ALBUMS->Fairy Tales


CONCERTS 2016: Poems for Laila

15-09-2016 21:23

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Finest Concert Photos are ready to launch:
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CONCERTS 2016: Poems for Laila - Leipzig, Werk 2, September 14. -

17-08-2016 16:13

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Got photoshoot agreement for concert of legendary german folk independent pop group Poems for Laila!

…Poems for Laila are pure sex and Rock´n Roll (Darkhouse magazine)
…Der Name Poems for Laila stand schon immer für eigenständige Musik und für den Versuch, zu neuen Ufern aufzubrechen. Doch nun ist ein neuer Grad erreicht. Durch die Reduzierung und klangliche Ausdünnung erhöht sich die Intensität. (

Thanks@Werk 2, Leipzig/Germany


NEW: Shopping cart available

29-07-2016 11:59

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Photographies in folder FineArt are in different formats and prices possible to order direct from this site.
Plus the Original as part of 5 copies signed and stamped by Peter Grosse

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Payment methods: PAYPAL


PROJECTS: World: Railroad Tracks to Sardinia 2016

26-07-2016 14:03

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See the whole story of that trip at PROJECTS->World


Fine Art: Railroad Tracks to Sardinia Fine Art 2016

15-07-2016 13:44

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Finest Tracks are ready to launch:
For sale: FineArt-> Railroad Tracks to Sardinia Fine Art 2016


Railroad tracks to Sardinia.

04-04-2016 10:16

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Next week I will take a trip home to Santa Teresa di Gallura/Sardinia for meet Rita and all
Call it Road movie on Railroad
First bed on City Night Line Train to Firenze for looking at some art - maybe there is...
Second bed on Moby Ferry to Olbia/Sardinia for shooting the sunrise at the harbor - there will be for sure...
Third bed at Rita's "La finestra vista Corsica" as usual - everything fine...

Think will also take some pictures probably.